The upcoming Album: Soul Fiction

Cosmo Klein will release his new Album SOUL FICTION January 2023. In the past the artist from Berlin has dedicated himself to different genres of music such as Pop, House Music, Rock, Soul, Jazz & Funk. Numerous hits like Beautiful Lie, Feel Alive, All I ever need or the Duet with german singer Maya Saban have made Cosmo Klein one of the few internationally successfull music exports from Germany. With Soul Fiction Cosmo continues his journey through the landscapes of Soul, Pop, Jazz and Funk which he started 2011 with the band THE PHUNKGUERILLA. Being a huge fan of camping vans, Cosmo recorded some of the best session musicians in the game like Cory Wong from Vulfpeck, Benny Greb, Hanno Busch, Claus Fischer, Peter Weniger, Jakob Manz, Felix Lehrmann, Jost Nickel and yes, many more in his 1988 Hymer Camperstudio.

„I just don´t like studios. As a child I always wanted to play outside and I guess it´s still the same way. I just can´t stand to sit in front of a computer and go to the same workspace everyday. I can´t see anthing inspirational about that. Recording musicians in different sceneries all around germany was beautiful and the fact that I stick to the same instrumentation on every track glues the pieces together. It was a great journey and I learned so much, working with these great cats.“

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